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Facts About the Environmental Impact Of Printer Cartridges
  • It takes about a gallon of oil to produce a new laser cartridge.
  • Almost eight cartridges are thrown away each second in the United States alone.
  • In North America alone, over 350 million cartridges are discarded in our landfills each year. This number increases by 12 percent annually!
  • Every remanufacturered laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills.
  • A laser cartridge thrown away (in a landfill) may take up to 450 years to decompose.
  • 70 percent of used printer cartridges throughout the world are thrown away.
  • In one year, if the world's discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end; they would circle the earth over three times.
We Can Make A Difference!
      Every single cartridge saved from a landfill makes a difference. This will not only protect our         
       environment but save consumers thousands of dollars. Now, imagine the difference when
       individuals, then organizations, then cities, then states begin to participate!
Did You Know?
  • Most printer cartridges can be refilled or remanufactured?
  • Using a remanufactured cartridge DOES NOT void your warranty?
  • By law (Magnuson-Moss, USC - Title 15 Commerece and Trade Section 2302) a manufacturer may not void a printer warranty. This includes Do-It-Yourself Refill Kits.
How This Affects You!
  • Freedom of Choice to choose your vendor.
  • Saves you money


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